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LucyLou Mother Nurture Courses

'Everything you need to know, when you need to know it'


Pregnancy and Childbirth

$263/10 months

Access to over 150 seperate modules to support you right through your pregnancy and your birth


  • 37 video updates on mum and baby's body, delivered to you according to your weeks of gestation.
  • 5 video Instalments of (approx 1.5hrs) of childbirth education
  • 16 interviews with a selection of expert maternity care providers
  • 28 pregnancy related topical videos
  • Over 50 pregnancy related white papers and a selection of relevant blog posts

Course delivered in weekly instalments

Childbirth (only)

$113/9 months

Access to everything you need to get you ready for your big day!


  • 5 video instalments of (approx 1.5hrs) of childbirth education.
  • Video interviews with obstetrician and midwife regarding analgesia, Cesarean section and hospital protocols.
  • 12 birth related topical videos
  • 18 birth related white papers
  • All the tools you need to create your own birth plan and a selection of relevant blog posts

All delivered immediately upon subscription.

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LucyLou Mother Nurture

You might have longed for motherhood or perhaps this whole thing has arrived by surprise, either way, you will want access to the very best support for both you and your new family. This is what LucyLou Mother Nurture is all about; we exist to get you ready and walk with you on the journey of a lifetime.

LucyLou Mother Nurture is across the many different pregnancy and childbirth philosophies and practices but does not subscribe to any of these exclusively. Rather, we want to load you up with all the best and most current information available. We want to equip you to make your own informed decisions so that you may have the very best out of this experience.

You are the mum, it’s your time to call the shots, LucyLou is NOT here to give you biased or judgemental perspectives, but strives to give you all the information you need - natural and clinical, but delivered to you with warmth and care.

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Featured Testimonial

Caz Graham

I used LucyLou’s services for both of my births. I found it to be invaluable to me during my epic 30+hour labour with my first. LucyLou felt right there beside me through every contraction as all the strategies and encouragement had been given that I would require. My first labour was particularly long and it was very challenging, I was so grateful for the support we had received prior to it.

The LucyLou content made me feel loved, believed in, encouraged and counselled as it provided so many answers to so many questions; every question under the sun from pregnancy to all-things birth. When baby had arrived, It was all so new and overwhelming but LucyLou had been a calm and stable compass for me.

Having the service again for my second was different but equally valuable. I felt I didn’t need the same intensive support to survive (like i did the first) but treasured LucyLou’s calmness, love and support. LucyLou is a gift and you will be supported from day dot!, you’ll be supported leading into the birth in the most caring, positive and respectful way. I can’t recommend enough!

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Feb 19, 2019

Pregnant? Now what?

You’re pregnant! congratulations, there’s much to celebrate and a lot to consider and decide. One of your first tasks will be to make a choice in regards to your and your baby’s care during...

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Jan 1, 2018

Confessions of a doula - what your birth taught me

The word ‘doula’ is a Greek word and it means to ‘mother the mother’, a perfect job description. As a doula, I’m not medically trained, like a midwife, nor do I have the expertise to deliver a baby but...

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Oct 26, 2017

New Mum Must-Haves

For centuries past, parents have been getting by with absolutely none of the below... and we survived as a species too, you might say... True! But, in a post-agrarian society, today as a culture, we...

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Feb 10, 2017

Hospital Swaggage

Immediately following the arrival of your bundle of joy, you will want to focus on two priorities. Loving-up with your new babe AND giving your outrageously awesome bod a chance to recover. Don’t...

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