For centuries past, parents have been getting by with absolutely none of the below... and we survived as a species too, you might say... True!

But, in a post-agrarian society, today as a culture, we demand safe, functional and optimal outcomes for our children and we expect to have the tools to help us get there.

To thrive and survive you’re going to need the following kit.

1. A Travel System! (pram and car capsule in one)

You’re a modern mum/dad and you’re juggling. You’ve got a precious new babe, but on top of all her needs, you’ve got a mountain of other stuff... that just needs to get done.

Gone are the days of needing to buy both a pram and car seat, you need a Travel System, that combines them both. High five for the smarty-pants who came up with this one!

Need to run a second errand but baby’s fallen asleep in the car? You needn’t call it quits or leave the engine running and park road-side to sit and wait... unless you’re hoping for a kip too.

A Travel System will mean that you can lift baby whilst still in the capsule and attach her straight into the stroller. Genius! 

In my more desperate times, I’d scab a Coles trolley and pop the capsule in it. Made for some pretty serious pushing and of course only worked if I was in a shopping centre.

There’s the full spectrum of choice now though. You can buy the most slim-line and nimble numbers for a light-weight push or you can buy one that's totally tricked-out.

I was recently mesmerised by one with a fully interactive display unit, it told me how fast I was walking and how much pavement I could pound - might or mightn’t be what you’re looking for...

This one-for-all gadget is a total winner, you NEED a Travel System.

2. A nappy/diaper bag

It should be entirely functional with all the zips, pockets and compartments you and baby might need.

Check that it comes with a washable nappy change mat and one that enables you to free-up your hands, that you never have enough of.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it needs to look like it’s toting nappies and spew cloths, check out the best designs that are functional but keep you looking swank too. Put as much attention into choosing the right design as you might have spent putting into a handbag (in a past life). You NEED a nappy bag!

3. A baby carrier

Some new mums think that if they have a pram, they wont need a baby carrier, but they will.

A baby carrier offers more than just carrying a baby, in fact they should be called something entirely different as this is the least they offer! A baby carrier affords the ability to: bond uninterrupted; protect baby from germs (of well-meaning prying hands and faces); breastfeed on-the-go; and more. You NEED a baby carrier!

4. A cot

This one’s a no-brainer. Check for international safety standard approval cots only, you’re going to NEED one!

5.  breastfeeding pillow

Persist with a regular pillow and its size and density will never hit-the-spot.

You might not think your baby weighs much, but when your core is weak and you’re ‘arm curling’ your newborn two-three hourly, you’ll be thankful you have one of these. You NEED a breastfeeding pillow!

6. A high chair

She’ll need space to explore her food. Most of it will end up on the floor, but console yourself with the fact she’ll have had fun and her brain will have grown a little from the experience :)

Buy easy to clean only! or risk harbouring a little bacterial eco-system that will at best, feed a colony of ants, and at worst... let’s not go there. You NEED a high chair!

7. Some wraps

Wrapping babies (or swaddling) whilst sleeping stimulates sleep continuity; helps calm baby and improves baby’s neuromuscular development. Impressive.

There are plenty of options but they should be breathable, natural and made big enough. A good wrap will be 120cmX120cm and you NEED them!

8. A baby swing

Basically, it’s the difference between a shower or not. The laundry might need to be sacrificed too :)

Some are pretty basic and are sufficient, others be-fit the more high maintenance baby-bundle, complete with toys, music, flashing lights and soft swaying - baby gets to enjoy the lot, whilst cocooned in her very own armchair 😊  You will NEED a baby swing!

9. A play mat

A play mat is important for baby’s development. It will give her opportunity for ‘tummy time’ where she will eventually learn how to roll and then crawl. This mat however flash or basic, needs to be washable. You NEED a play mat!

10. A baby monitor

This will give you clear sound (and video too, if you choose). Good to enable you to keep an ear (or eye) on her whilst she’s sleeping (or not).

Without one of these you’ll find yourself camping outside your offspring’s bedroom door.  

Most have clear sound, picture, pan/tilt/zoom features and a transportable adult unit. Some also come equipped with a creepy 2-way talking function too - cute! You’ll NEED a monitor!

There you have it, you’re sorted - My top 10 must haves.