Lucy Lou Courses

Pregnancy and Childbirth

$425/10 months

Access to over 150 seperate modules to support you right through your pregnancy and your birth


  • 37 video updates on mum and baby's body, delivered to you according to your weeks of gestation.
  • 5 video Instalments of (approx 1.5hrs) of childbirth education
  • 16 interviews with a selection of expert maternity care providers
  • 28 pregnancy related topical videos
  • Over 50 pregnancy related white papers and a selection of relevant blog posts

Course delivered in weekly instalments

Childbirth (only)

$175/9 months

Access to everything you need to get you ready for your big day!


  • 5 video instalments of (approx 1.5hrs) of childbirth education.
  • Video interviews with obstetrician and midwife regarding analgesia, Cesarean section and hospital protocols.
  • 12 birth related topical videos
  • 18 birth related white papers
  • All the tools you need to create your own birth plan and a selection of relevant blog posts

All delivered immediately upon subscription.