Lucy Hercus

After the birth of my first child, I found myself informally becoming a motherhood cheerleader to friends and an occasional baby whisperer in the neighbourhood. Since then, as a doula I have attended over 100 births and I’ve had a privileged role in being a part of many remarkable beginnings...

As an educator, I’ve had the opportunity of speaking with many hundreds of couples in a variety of settings on topics of pregnancy, childbirth, early childhood and parenting.

My own motherhood-beginnings occurred some 18 years ago and I’m now mum to six children of my own and foster mum to numerous others... a story for another day.

Carrying, birthing and socialising a human being is no small task, but there is nothing like it, and I hope to offer some tools and insight so you can embark upon your own journey whole-heartedly and without hesitation.

It’s my hope that the information you find here, builds some added support (& fun!) into your life and that it helps you grow in confidence in your new role... and that, as you head forward, you can feel me encouraging and cheering you on!