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Wondering whether you’ll survive your newborn?

If your breasts are swollen and tender, your top has a sour-milk pong, and the word ‘sleep’ is only associated with one other... ’depravity’, you’re most likely homing a newborn.

Life with a tiny human is tough work, but what can be hard to fathom at the time, is that it really does get easier... However, whilst you’re waiting for these hollow-sounding words to prove bonafide, I’m offering these tips in the hope that they’ll pull you through.

1. Accept help

If you find it difficult to accept help, now’s the time to get good at it - FAST.

If almost anyone (I said almost) offers to help, give them a resounding YES now! No one’s going to be insisting you nap, and they iron, when she’s ten.

A meals roster is THE best. You’ll discover your mates trying to out-do each other with their quality catering. Let the games begin!

2. Invest in an insulated flask!

Not talking about booze here mums, but if caffeine is your vice... one of these is imperative. No one wants a cold coffee (unless it’s an Affogato).

Even if you’re having a day at home, pour all your hot drinks into this little cup-of-genius and you can achieve all you need, without compromising on that hot cuppa, that let’s face it, brings out your freakin’ best 😊

3. Get yourself some support for that post-baby bump

Don’t forget about that post-birth bod of yours. Your abdominals have been through a lot already and need to survive this intensive new stage as well.

When you’ve recently given birth, your abdominal support can be pretty much smashed. Don’t bother giving Miranda Kerr (& Co’s) post-baby body shots a glance, aspire to a real human-style recovery and get back on track gradually with the support of a belly band.

4. What you wear matters!

Less about what you look like, more about how you feel.

Whilst staying in your PJs is fine for the first short while, if you haven’t showered for a week and the smell of your hair resembles the fart of an anchovy, it will most likely set you on a path of mental decline.

Get up, ditch the PJs, have a quick soak and pop in some new post-baby clothes. Four sizes bigger than your pre-mum wardrobe? All fine, consider them an investment for your next pregnancy, and an excuse to enjoy those kickin’ curves!

5. Get connected

Connection with others is essential! especially if you’ve become a mum for the first time. Check out mum’s groups, playgroups and other local community activities. These programs can provide great opportunity to mix with other mums and help keep you sane.

Tip: Watch out for the mum-eaters! The ones that glare at you when you shove that dummy in. These are mums who have forgotten what a newborn is like. Give them a wide berth and remember... you’re remarkable!

6. Keep the feeds frequent and regular

In the early weeks, you’ll be dumbfounded at how often bub feeds. You might even be fantasising about formula fed babies, wondering why the heck you haven’t got one (unless you have)!

If you’re breastfeeding, for now, your boobs and babe are tightly entwined. So, if you’re thinking about mixed-feeding (bottle and breast), your boobs WILL NOT thank you for it.

However, if you can hold off on the fourth-week mark, you could start expressing a little extra of each feed, until you have a bottle. This is where dad or grandma come in handy, whilst you catch up on some shut-eye (or head to the hairdressers)!

7. Lighten up

Don’t take it too seriously or you’ll miss the funny and the ridiculous. Babies have the happy knack of going from sublime to horrid in a very short space of time, so you need to get good at rolling with her punches or you’ll go nuts.

If you see the funny, your partner in all likelihood will too. Reflecting on where you’re at and sharing in the craziness that baby brings is so much more fun, multiplied by two.

8. Get out!

Newborns and infants are super portable. Enjoy getting out and about. It’s important for your mental health and bub will love it too. Meet up with other lovely mums and drop in on family, or simply pop that little precious in your Ring Sling or pram and enjoy a wander.

9. Drop your standards a little

Now is not the time to indulge your inner-perfectionist. Don’t be shamed by the Stepford mum. YouTube five-ingredient recipes (three’s even better), pop washing on the line the night before (no pegs required) and take that nap in your un-made bed.

And if your house is a mess, perfect! it will give something for your friends to do when they visit.

The newborn stage can leave you flailing, wondering whether you’ll be keeping your head above water... but from one mum to another... it truly does get better... and all of your struggles to survive will be a sweet but faded memory.

hugs into the ether...