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It might be the inspiration for some, but Miranda Kerr’s post-baby ‘body-bounce’ makes most new mums want to hurl... yet we’re told that she does enjoy a burger.

Her ‘addiction’ for Melbourne’s Mikoshi burger has me ROTFL. You know the burger I mean... chicken, wrapped in lettuce. Come on, Miranda, we all know you’re professionally good lookin’, but that’s NOT a burger!

If you’re less Miranda Kerr, more carb-loaded, sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, welcome to majority street!

Beginning to feel inclined to want your old body back? It’s not about being a Victoria Secret model, it’s about being you again. Take a look at these tips.

1. Breastfeed

Get your baby on the breast and nourish her, knowing that the road to your own body-bounce is here and legit - It turns out that breastfeeding burns calories - a staggering 500-700 of them each day. Fat-busting at it’s best and not bad for bonding either.

2. Get some sleep

A disturbed sleep cycle, much like that imposed upon you by your newborn, trashes your metabolism and makes it difficult to lose pregnancy weight, according to Sheah Rarback, MS, RD, Nutritionist

So, if you’re battling the bulge to no avail, try napping when baby does, and you could be moving a step closer to your goal.

Bed-head at 3 o’clock in the afternoon? ’I’ve been working on my abs!’, you’ll say

3. Eat well

Unfortunately, there’s still no research justifying the nutritional value of a potato chip. Tammy Baker MS, Dietitian says to make sure you’re eating a variety of lean protein and whole grain foods, fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you’re inclined to dive for a Mars Bar when you’re hungry, it will send your blood-sugar levels on a roller-coaster ride. Avoid the temptation and have healthy foods in easy reach. Also, load up on low-fat dairy snacks - studies have shown that calcium can help fight fat. Win!

Do your best girls, but don’t beat yourself up, a slip-up is inevitable and certainly not the end of the world.

4. Get a belly band

It’s crazy that a teeny tiny newborn can feel as heavy as they do. The truth? your abdominal muscles are cactus and your body is trying to live without them.

Whilst you work on your fitness and strength, invest in a belly band. It will help aid the recovery of your abdominal muscles and support you, whilst you get your body back on track.

If you were once a sporty spice, this accessory will give you a greater sense of security as you get back in the swing.

5. Work on your pelvic floor first

Your pelvic floor muscles are like the brace that keeps everything together. Up until birth, they’ve been working like a boss, providing you with all the support you need. But now that baby’s here, it might feel like your pelvic floor has taken the last train for the coast and the rest of you is learning how to cope without it.

Although stress incontinence affects up to a third of all new mums, there’s good news - those muscles didn’t leave you after all and are ready to get back to business. Google Kegel exercises and get that God-given brace back on track.

6. Go for a power walk

This is where the rubber literally hits the road, and you won't even need a babysitter!

You don’t need to spend money or have a schedule nailed down to make the most of a power walk. Take a brisk stroll with the pram or pop baby in a soft carrier and head out.

Achieve some errands whilst you’re on-the-go; pound the pavement with another mum-friend; or simply enjoy your baby, the fresh air and the admiring looks 😊

Get into a habit of walking and your body (and mind) will thank you.

7. Invest in your fitness

There’s the usual ho-hum of gym membership options but there are LOADS of alternatives here.

Postnatal Pilates sessions are the bomb! and offer the perfect platform for re-engaging that checked-out pelvic floor. Pilates can be done in group sessions or individual ones are often run by a physiotherapist. Take it easy here, mums, and make sure you have an instructor in the know. The last thing your body needs right now is an injury!

Search out your local community groups and health clubs for special post-natal classes. Many of these have facilities to care for children, whilst you work-out. Make sure it’s not a baby penitentiary - check they have a specialized team, low child-to-staff ratios and a good stash of appropriate toys.

There are heaps of exercise programs too that you can do with baby. Join a mum and baby boot camp or stroller program. Your options are endless!

Group aerobic programs can be motivational, if you’re lacking it, although you’ll need enough of it to get yourself to the gym in the first place.

Work out at home and indulge in some DVDs or online classes. Fitness Marshall will have you shaking your bootie and have you ‘bounced’ back in no time. For those of you wanting to gently work your way back into it, perhaps self-conscious of the current lack of progress, working out in private can be a great way to get started.

Over the past year, your body has achieved some border-line supernatural feats. Be kind. Be gentle and DON’T get trapped in the comparison game.
Just as your baby receives enormous benefit from a daily rhythm, so will your body appreciate some routine attention.

Go get ‘em, Angels!

Hugs into the ether...